Our drilling rigs for geothermal applications have been modified continuously based on our long-term experiences in this field. All this resulted in the development of drill rigs and technical support meeting the challenging requirements of the comprehensive geotechnical drilling. Thus, we do not only develop drill rigs but also the complete drilling process in the most productive way.
Being a pioneer in the development of geothermal drill rigs, Hütte produced its first geothermal drill rig in 2000, namely the HBR 205 GT. Meanwhile, we can offer you four geothermal drill rigs: the HBR 204 GT, HBR 205 GT, HBR 207 GT and HBR 605 GT.
Geothermal energy is not only an infinite and renewable energy source ensuring a long-term and stable energy supply independent of finite resources like oil and gas, but it also protects the environment – being more or less for free.
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